Decorating- Trying to make up my mind!

Last year we moved into our dream forever home, I Love our house and we decorated the first few weeks after moving in. This was all well and good until we got a new sofa and the sofa was teal- yes it sounds horrible but I can assure you it’s beautiful. Teal is my favourite colour and we had previously painted the bedroom teal.

I kind of felt like we had a small teal overload! So decided that now we were doing the baby’s room we should update our bedroom…. Now I had started something!!!!

We started with 2 bedrooms to be painted, Erin then decided she wanted hers done and Matt decided he wanted to switch around his office. All of the bedrooms were pretty easy. We knew what colours we would have and all of the accessories in the rooms were pretty easy to sort as we had most of them anyway.  The stumbling block has been Matts office.

The back story to Matt’s office is a bit of a naughty one on behalf of Erin and I. Originally Erin’s playroom was in our conservatory as I could see her from the lounge and the kitchen as they are both glass doors- but we had our first winter. My god, it’s cold in that room!!! I mean like Freezing!!!!!!!!! So Matt went away to America with work and I did a little sneaky shifty around.  We moved Matt out of his nice warm office and plonked him in the freezing cold conservatory- needless to say, he wasn’t overly impressed when he returned from the US!!! Which now in the summer is too hot! You can’t win with conservatories, can you?!. Eventually, the idea would be that we would put a roof on it and brick the walls to make It warmer but in the meantime when we don’t have that kind of cash we just need to make it a usable room.

The first thing we did was put in heaters. This has made it warmer for in the winter and makes it bearable to sit in. Furniture is our next problem- do we make it an office solely or an office/dining room?  One of our options is to get a dining room table and a smaller desk. I have been looking at Chairs and tables from Lions Home which I really like and think would fit in well with the room, ultimately I need something that is versatile and useful when designing the room. Firstly I  think we need to find our perfect pieces of furniture (which is so difficult as there are so many to choose from) and go from there. There  will be a lot of searching Lions Home in depth because the range is vast including accessories and that should give me some more ideas!

Next a spot of a paint, maybe a few pieces that make it more homely like blinds and curtains and we are done! Just need to ensure Matthew agrees with the design ideas first!!!