Alternative Milestone Cards for Mummies!

Have you seen all of the cutesy babies with milestone cards on Instagram and Facebook? I love them and think they are great for photo albums and memories. I wanted in on the action.

Pudding and Chop’s kindly asked me to review their Alternative cards for mummies I was super excited. I was intrigued to know what each one would say and if they would fit within my lifestyle.

Well I was not disappointed, as you can see they fit perfectly with my lifestyle and would make superb gifts for mum’s to be at baby showers.If your anything like me I never know what to buy and end up getting a boring present. Now I am able to buy some clothes for the baby and a little treat for mum too.

Alternative Mummy Milestone cards are in a gorgeous monochrome design. Each 152mm x 101mm card is individually designed before being professionally printed on 350gsm silk card, so they won’t be flimsy or bent by little fingers.

The Cards come gift wrapped in a beautiful tissue paper which is even better as I hate wrapping- you can even get an extra special box to wrap them professionally. You can purchase the cards at for £12.95. Which is a bargain, they are great quality.

They have even started a range for Pregnancy cards which I absolutely LOVE!!!! ‘here come the Cankles’ was one of my favourites!!! Genius!!!

As you can see I have had some fun with my milestone cards! Which has cheered me up on those days where I have definitely lost my sh*t!! (thankfully these days are becoming rarer now Erin is getting older. Don’t panic I am still fueled on Gin and wine. I love these cards they are definitely a great buy for mummies everywhere.