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Fertility and Polycystic Ovaries- Your questions answered

Disclaimer- I have asked a group of people from both blogging groups and fertility groups to try and let me answer their queries with regards to fertility and PCOS. I am not in any way a doctor and I am speaking from past experiences. If you have any questions medically then you need to consult a doctor.

How does PCOS affect you physically? From www.yorkshirewonders.co.uk

PCOS is one of those things that can affect every person in a different way. With me I have a line of hair along my tummy and hairy arms and face. It is very fine downy hair and I hate it. I also struggle to lose weight on a ring around stomach, I lose it from everywhere but there. Other people have symptoms such as weight gain all over, severe acne, hair loss on head as well as hair gain on the body and oily skin. I also find that it physically gives me the symptoms of diabetes without actually having it.

Tips for losing baby weight with PCOS? From www.mrsmummyharris.co.uk

Losing baby weight is a nightmare in itself as I genuinely believe your body never goes back to the exact same shape as it was before. With PCOS you are more likely to hold weight on the ring around your middle by your belly button. The only way I have found to lose weight on this area is by cutting out carbs and sugar (I only did this for a month and slowly reintroduced them) and exercising specially ab work 3 times a week.) I will be commencing my weight loss journey again next week to see if I can shift my ‘PCOS ring’ so if you are interested in following my journey showing you what I do to lose weight and tone let me know.

Should you take Metformin throughout pregnancy to keep the size of your baby down? From www.packthepjs.com

This is one that would vary dependant on a doctor so always seek medical advice. I was told to stop taking it when I was 3 months pregnant due to risks associated with pregnancy and taking it. Unfortunately I haven’t heard of many people taking it throughout pregnancy, if anyone has let us know?

Does having PCOS leave you at greater risk of gestational diabetes?From www.whererootsandwingsentwine.com

Not only does PCOS leave you with a greater risk of gestational diabetes it also leaves you with a risk of type 2 diabetes. If you struggle with your weight due to PCOS both of these risks are increased also. There are ways to reduce the risks both in pregnancy and with PCOS. Speaking to your doctor will enable you to venture these avenues.

Are there any symptoms that are unusual/ not normally associated with anything else? From http://www.justaroundtheriverbend.co.uk

The problem is with PCOS that all of the symptoms can be mistaken for other ailments. I think one of the rarer ones is the fine downy hair all over your body. For me the symptoms of diabetes without having diabetes and the lack of sex drive were tell-tale signs for me. Best thing to do is have an internal ultrasound if you are unsure.

Do people often share their infertility issues with friends and families and if so do their partners approve? From Medina Bada

I think most people don’t disclose their fertility problems with friends and families. I did because I was so open because at the end of the day it shouldn’t be a taboo subject. I think that being a taboo subject makes more and more women feel guilty. My partner hates the fact that I talk about it to people and within my blog but I couldn’t cope with it if I didn’t speak about it. I think it’s important to talk.

How people gain the courage to get/give the hormone injections? From Nicole Johnson

I hate injections…. Literally hate them. I feel sick and pass out! I was never brave enough to give my injections but I gained the strength from within to have my injections as I knew the end result was completely worth it. In the grand scheme of things the injections are the minor bit!

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