Mermaid and a baby Turtle- Review

Mermaids and Unicorns, both mythical creatures that seem to have taken the world of girls and ladies old and young by storm. Everywhere I go there is either something Unicorn or mermaid related. Having a 5 year old myself ensures that I am thoroughgoingly into the craze with her.

She even army commando crawled into my bathroom the other day donning a mermaid outfit and announcing in her best American accent- ‘Hi I am a mermaid…. I live in the sea and have been washed up on land can you find me a rock with some water near it!’. I mean this is pretty funny watching mermaid Erin flailing her tail around.

Mermaids have been a big part of our house since we went to Disney world in 2016, Ariel from The Little Mermaid is one of Erin’s idols. With this in mind I always look for mermaid toys for Erin for birthdays and Christmas. In our house we are huge fans of ‘small world toys’ (Small World Play is imaginative play where children are provided with small beautiful objects with which to play. This type of play is similar to role play put different in that the child creates the small world and transfer their thoughts and feelings onto the objects).

Schleich have answered all of Erin’s dreams with their new Bayala range featuring 6 collectible Mermaids with accessories and friends. We have been lucky enough to be sent the Mermaid and her baby turtle. The mermaid comes in a beautiful lilac and glittery clam which opens and closes- inside there is a mermaid with a moveable arm, baby turtle, musical instrument and a fern.

The mermaid itself has a beautiful glittery tail and long brown hair, the toy is a great collectible and the mermaids can switch shells and accessories when your collection grows. Erin loves to use her mermaid in the bath and splashes around under the water whilst leaving her clam to float away in the bubbles.

The product itself retails at £15.99 and is available from Schleich. This product is suitable for children aged 5-13 due to small parts. The product is well made and there is a lot of detailing for all of the accessories and the mermaid and Erin is really enjoying playing with them.