#AD Retro fun with Stickle Bricks and Plasticine

Being mid thirties both Matthew and I remember all the best toys a long time before fidget spinners and all those things we had great toys that will never grow old! Matts mum has his Stickle Bricks from when he was little and recently got them out the loft for Edith to play with when she went there. So when we were sent our own Stickle Bricks Edith was so happy and so was I!! I loved playing with them! They are still as reliable as they were then! A true classic!

I also remember getting another retro great as a child always getting a flat pack of plasticine on the way to holiday to play with when we got there! That was always great as I would come up with what to make on the way! And now Edith can do the same and enjoy playing with plasticine too! She loves anything crafty so it’s definitely a hit!

The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub has been perfect for Edith and her fine motor skills, she has tiny hands and is able to use the bricks really well. She adores using her imagination making cars and houses and she has even started to extend to making a road for the car to sit on!

The colours are bright and great for colour recognition- you can stick, build and stack your bricks to enable you to build a big imagination in their little world. Even better the Fun Tub doubles as a storage container which is perfect for storing the bricks in when they aren’t in use.

Edith loves anything messy and this is “messy” without the mess! She thinks she’s able to have messy play everyday which is a win for us! Plasticine is perfect for imagination, textures and learning fine motor skills with building, rolling and cutting alongside colour recognition. She’s also getting great at learning not to mix the colours which has made me happy!!

We were sent the Fun Tubulous, the Plasticine Colour max, Toolz and the Plasticine Basixs. All of these are great for travel as they are a small enough size. The Toolz comes in a perfect carry case for anywhere even in restaurants to keep little ones occupied at the table without screens!

All of the Plasticine sets can be used together and mixed and matched which I love as it makes them so versatile. The clay never dries out or shrinks so will last a lifetime! You can even mix the colours to learn new colours! I have to prepare myself for as I’m an anti colour mixer!! But I know deep down it’s good for her development!

She has been so imaginative with what she builds and we have been loving playing together! Even Erin her 9 year old sister has been enjoying playing too.

You can purchase Stickle Bricks and Plasticine from Smyths Toys superstore and all good toy stores.