We would go back in a HartBeep!

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be invited to the Opening Class of HartBeeps- a new original musical baby, toddler and pre-school class. It is a sensory class with unique sensory experiences including costumes, lighting, props, puppets, and sparkly parachutes all set to a soundtrack of over 100 original songs, nursery rhymes and lullabies- making the class a new form of sensory rather than just your standard sensory class.
The class is set in three age groups Baby bells- which range from new-born to sitting. Baby Beeps which is sitting to walking and Happy House which is for toddlers plus their older and younger siblings. The classes are all across the UK and include every age group up until school age.
The class we attended was in Randlay, Telford with the lovely Emma who made us feel at ease and was laid back if your little one wasn’t doing quite what they should!  It was great that because Maisie and Erin are so different in age- 4 and 1, we were allowed to bring both girls to the Baby Beeps session. Maisie thoroughly enjoyed every minute lots of clapping, dancing and intrigue at all of the props and outfits including a rather cute duck hat that I enjoyed putting on the girls!  Erin was even able to be involved and assisted Maisie in the smaller things that she struggled with and was included herself if she wanted to be which was great as she didn’t feel it was just about babies- she was also able to have a run around in a different section of the hall without feeling like she was being a nuisance or frowned upon too, I mean when are 4 year olds still for longer than an episode of Paw Patrol?!
The session lasted an hour and went really quickly, both girls were engaged and didn’t get bored which was fabulous, I found the class to be great for sensory education and showed Maisie different textures, sounds and touches. The class would be fantastic for children with special needs that thrive on sensory play too. When we left we were all given a fantastic goody bag with a full sized sudacreme care and protect and samples from other fantastic companies which Erin had a whale of a time searching through on the way home!
Hartbeeps also offer baby and children’s parties, baby rock café stay and play discos for other funky events to take your little ones to!  The sessions that Emma runs covers Telford, Shifnal and Newport and more details can be found by emailing her on