Picky Eater? Try a Secret Sausage!

Do you have a picky eater? I do in fact I have a three year old that is obsessed with sausages!! You hear all the horror stories about what sausages contain- oats, bad parts of pig, the works and they are full of calories and fat! Not something I want to constantly feed my child, but on the other hand neither do I want to have the constant argument about dinner with her! 

When I was given the chance to review ‘Secret Sausages- Vegetables in disguise’ I jumped at the chance! I was sent honey sausages and chilli sausages. They have no meat in and are filled with pure vegetables and flavour, all of which are natural sources and healthy. So Healthy in fact that in comparison to pork sausages they contain; 90% less fat, 35% less sodium, 50% less calories and are 1 of your five a day.  With this is mind I was determined to let Erin try them and pray she liked them. 


We started with the chilli flavoured ones, which I had been told had a warmth to them but were not spicy. I cooked them in the oven (which to my delight the tray wasn’t full of fat). I cut them up and placed them on Erin’s plate with her normal accompaniments. First Fail… she noticed how I don’t know but the first thing she said before I even put them anywhere near her mouth was I don’t like those sausages! Here we go…. So I sat down with her and said these are new special sausages, and she continued to eat around them, she had the first few but then started to have a paddy as she didn’t want any more and she didn’t like them. So I persisted until she ate the whole sausage. I don’t think this was a great hit, but thought perhaps it’s the heat of them and she would get on with the honey flavour much better. I gave the rest of them to our friends and her little boy did the exact same thing, who knows if we have amazingly clever kids or these sausage need to be buried into a dish rather than served on their own. 


Next we tried the honey flavour, again I decided not to tell Erin and we got the normal  ‘I don’t like them’. Again we persisted and once she had tried the first she was much more willing to eat these as the heat wasn’t impacting her she actually finished the whole plate of them which was a great feat as I got great satisfaction in knowing that I had just got Erin to eat loads of vegetables whilst not having a clue and thinking she was eating sausages!! Bingo! We had won! We had found a way of getting sausages into her without the pain of not knowing what the heck I was feeding her and not filling her little body full of fat and oil! These will definitely be a new staple in our diet and I think it was just the warmth of the chilli ones that made the children not like them, but I am sure heat fiends out there would love them! All in all after a bit of trial and Error this was a success. You can buy Secret sausages from www.secret-sausages.comand supermarkets such as Ocado for £3.65 per pack which I think is reasonable for the amount you receive.  Would you try these or have you tried these in the past? 


N.B I was sent these sausages in return for an honest product review, all pictures and opinions are my own.