Brainstorm Toys Igloo Mania Review

Well it’s the last week of the school holidays… and we have survived!! Unfortunately I haven’t had any time off this six weeks apart from my holiday. Time spent with Erin has been my normal time when I return from work.


I have tried to find fun things to do with her at the weekends and night times. I had a little help from the fab game Igloo Mania. Erin and I love board games and something that we can all do together. When Igloo arrived I was intrigued as to how it would work and if Erin would be able to do it- it looked like you needed a steady hand!!



Matt and I opened the game to have a look at what you needed to do. The first thing that jumped out at me was that you needed to put numbered stickers on every brick to build it- we found that you don’t necessarily have to do this as the numbers are on the inside. Erin would not be able to build the Igloo at her age so it was easier for us to not label them and just read the inside numbers. After you have done it a few times anyway you get to know the shapes.

It took about ten minutes to assemble by placing the bricks alongside the support dome and with a steady hand you need to take the dome off your all set.


The concept of the game is to pull the “ice bricks” out of the dome using “ice picks” without knocking the whole thing over.


Erin loved it!! She was giggling and the concentration on her face was comical!! We even took the game to Matts parents house to play at their family BBQ and everyone commented on how good it was and that you would be able to play it as an adult too at a party.


The game got 10 out 10 for us! We loved it. You can buy the game from Amazon and it retails at £19.99.