Playmobil 123 #AD

Now the kids have returned to school after lockdown it was time for Edith and I to have some well earned fun! She loves water play so when we were offered Playmobil 123 in exchange for an honest review we jumped at the chance.

First impressions-

When speaking to Playmobil about their 123 range I genuinely thought Playmobil was only made for older children. That’s all we had ever known in our house with lots of little bits. Realising now they are suitable from 1 years old is amazing because it means both Erin and Edith can play with something and have a common interest but safely. Erin and Edith have a 7 year age gap so this is always a bit tricky with toys and of course Edith always wants to be like her big sister!

Playmobil Aqua-

This has been Edith’s favourite toy for months now! She adores it! Water, mechanics of the moving parts and being able to play small world with the people too! The Aqua is for children 1.5years to 4 years. It’s really simple to put together and we have really enjoyed playing with the water and using our skills to ensure the cups fill by going slower or faster. So not only are they having fun playing but also learning cause and effect.

Playmobil Train

Again for ages 1.5-4 years the train comes with 3 people and 3 animals all connected with a block. They are super simple to connect and teach different grip techniques for little fingers. Edith really got into the small world elements of moving the people in and out of the train and naming the animals. She even did some role play with the different characters.

Playmobil Vet

This has to be perfect for little toddlers who love investigating small world toys, great for language skills and stories you can have a world of fun with making up games with the vet and his puppy. Again perfect for 1.5years to 4 years and this is great for a pocket money toy too.

Final thoughts

We have loved the Playmobil 123 range it’s been a great addition to our house and Edith is loving playing alongside her sister with similar toys. We have learnt new skills and continue to love the features of these toys daily.

You can buy Playmobil 123 from many different outlets including Smyths Toys, argos, Amazon and the Playmobil Website. There are many sets to choose from and will definitely be featuring on our birthday and Christmas lists for years to come.