Saving Time and Great results with ACE Whites #Gifted #ACEit

This post is an entry for the #ACEit Challenge. Sponsored by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites, treat stains and laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site.

Here’s a little about me. I live in a house with 2 excitable girls and a husband who doesn’t think before he moves! Both of these things mean they all run outside with their socks on or get so excited 90% of their dinner gets thrown down their tops.

I am at the point where I will only buy really cheap t shirts and vests for the girls as I was fed of having to throw them out. Erin is 8 and has to wear a white top to school every day alongside white socks in the summer. Edith is 1 and she loves pasta and “dip dip” with her dinner…. so 90% of her food intake is either red or covered In red meaning that I always take her top off and leaving her to eat in a vest. They are easier to replace and get hidden by clothes if they are stained.

Now Matthew, my husband. He works so hard but always has his mind on something else so if I ask him to pop to the garage he would never think to put shoes on… no instead he would go outside with his white socks on! He mostly wears trainer socks and they are all practically black from so many trips outside!

In the 8 years I have been a mum I didn’t have a solution-until now. We have been gifted ACE Ultra to try and I’m really impressed.

Not only does it help with stains it also brightens dull whites but is still gentle on delicate clothes. I really like the fact that it not only gets rid of odours but it tackles germs and viruses so at the moment it’s great for uniform. I have to wash uniform everyday due to COVID-19 and ensuring it’s germ free is great for putting my mind at ease. So they not only smell cleaner but they are actually cleaner.

ACE ultra is great for the pocket too. Being concentrated means that it’s the most affordable way to get your clothes looking the best again! And you don’t end up throwing stuff away either! You can buy ACE ultra from Morrison’s.

I decided to put ACE Ultra to the test and tackle our most soiled items.

Edith’s vest had already been through the wash and I assumed it was a lost cause. Matthew’s socks had looked like this for months and Erin had managed to get her lunch on her collar. I didn’t have high hopes for Matt’s socks if I’m honest!

I decided to pre soak the clothes so I filled the sink and poured in the recommended amount 150ml to 10litres of water and leave to soak for 20 minutes.

ACE recommends using purely white items and being careful as the product does contain bleach. After the items had soaked I popped them in the wash as normal but using a 150ml in the washing machine too.

I took the clothes out and dried them and I couldn’t believe the difference all of the clothes had come up bright and stain free. I genuinely had no hope for Matthew’s socks so I was shocked that years of dried in stains came out! Both of the girls tops were perfectly restored.

Even better I hadn’t had to do anything!! No scrubbing or hours of finding ways to get a certain stain out it just disappeared so easily!! I will 1000% be using this again as it makes my life so simple.