Genders, comfort and holidays- Pregnancy update- 13-17 weeks.

What a week it’s been! The first week of the holidays and Monday we to our gender scan and took Erin.

She was so excited as she didn’t realise she actually came to a scan! She thought that someone just magically told us ?

She wanted a confetti cannon to announce it so we went with that- one thing I loved it that all the money from the cannons went to a local charity for poorly children.

We were so shocked when it was a girl!!! I genuinely had convinced myself she was a boy!!! To the point that we had got a blue chair on the Saturday and picked a name!!!! So the shock was real!!! Matt claims he knew she was a girl but who knows!!! If you want to watch the gender reveal it’s here!

Saturday night saw the first signs of cool rain. I was so happy thinking that sleep was on the horizon!

Being pregnant is a funny old thing some people sail through others hate it. I am one of the few people who actually loves being pregnant- who knows if it’s because I spend so long going through torture to try and get there with IVF but who knows!!

So far I have had it pretty easy, there has been sickness, some bleeding and I’m drained all the time but to me that’s ok- I have seen people with severe sickness and other issues.

The heat hasn’t been amazing but it hasn’t really been fun for anyone!! Last night baby girl decided to have some form of growth spurt!! My tummy felt like it had been stretched to the max! Thankfully I eventually got comfortable and slept!

Fans and other items have been a great support during the heat wave such a sprays and hand held fans, I have been checking out Latest Deals for the best deals and inventions to use!

Comfort has been so important for me in this pregnancy, clothing isn’t an issue for me- I’m not particularly fussed if I look good, I would rather be able to move and be comfortable. Some of the items that have made me comfortable are underwear and sleepwear.

I have been wearing the beautiful Promise maternity Range from Uk Lingerie. A stunning blush pink underwear set. The bra and knickers are made out of the softest material. It’s so lovely to have a matching set of underwear too. The bra also doubles up as a nursing bra so it will be perfect for when she is here. It retails at £38 but currently is in the sale for £28. With a great range of sizes the set is perfect for growing bodies.

The other item I have been loving is the Promise Fedra Maternity Nightgown with straps. Again perfect for feeding baby when she’s here as it turns to a nursing top, but also so comfortable for pregnancy. The same beautiful material as the pink so really soft. The nightie has a bra insert so you still feel supported with a stretch material and room for an ever growing bump! I have been especially loving it in this heat as it’s loose fitting too!

The cost is normally £56 but is on sale at a great price of £46 currently.