It’s my due date- Still no Baby!

It’s New Years Eve and whilst everyone is figuring out what to wear or where to go I’m sat wondering where this baby girl is. Erin was on her due date so I was very spoilt in not having to wait.

I have had very little sign that she may be on her way and I am not sure how many more times I can hoover the house in preparation! Although I have had a new G-Tech Air Ram Mark 2 in the sales and I can honestly say it has changed my hatred of hoovering! Watching what it collected first time I used it made me understand how terrible our last hoover was! It also has a hand held stairs and car hoover! Well I have had a great time using that! So if anyone is in the market for a new cordless thats the way to go.

Anyway I digress! Apart from me being a bit achy and round! I feel ok. Which is good because Matt has been really poorly with Tonsillitis in the last four days, so it hasn’t been a great Christmas or birthday for him, but fingers crossed he is now on the mend.

Now let’s get to the gross stuff.. this is your warning!

I am on my fourth plug loss…. four I hear you say!? Yep four… I lost 7 with Erin and she came on her due date so I think quite frankly she’s here to stay for a while. Erin is back from her dads today at 11am and were going to head to the midwife and hopefully have some cake and a freak shake after!

My 40 week bump is…. huge to say the least… I genuinely didn’t think she could grow anymore!

So place your bets and let me know when you think she will arrive and Happy New Year!!