Amazing jobs by amazing people #ThankyouMidwives

7 years ago in august I saw those blue lines on a pregnancy test. After 3 years of fertility treatment, my dreams had come true. Next on the agenda was a world of worry about my baby girl and I didn’t know where to turn. At my booking in appointment my Midwife put my mind at ease.

In the area I live we have a tiny little hospital with a maximum of 6 midwives. I loved this about my hospital as I managed to get to know them all individually. No matter what I asked or how stupid I felt for asking they always put my mind at ease. Unfortunately due to Erin being a giant baby for my frame I was transferred to our larger hospital under a consultant.

The day prior to going into labour I was at a christening. My leg started to balloon and I called the Midwife. She advised me to head to the consultant led hospital and they would look into it. Again all the midwives were fantastic and were working their backsides off in 27 degree heat at 8pm on a Sunday night. Buzzers going off everywhere and still able to put my mind at ease.

That night I  went into labour at home. We stuck it out until I had a routine appointment about my leg at 11am. I got there and I was met by the lovely nurses. They put me at ease and moved me to a delivery ward. Little did I know my labour would stop at 9pm completely. The fear set in and I didn’t want my husband to go home. I was scared of being in hospital alone, the midwives gave me wink and said ‘we will move you to a side room so he can stay’. Relief.

At 3am my labour started fast and furiously- the same midwife I had seen that afternoon was still working… how isn’t she tired?! I was drained and I hadn’t tended to lots of ladies!

As I was moved to the delivery ward for the second time I closed my eyes. I knew everything that was happening to me and everyone who was speaking to me but I didn’t have the energy to respond. My Amazing Midwife- Annika Walter Smith was there for every step of the way. I gave birth to Erin without intervention and at no point did she question what I wanted to do. Even down to the fact I didn’t want to breast feed. She was amazing. I apologised that I hadn’t looked at her during the whole thing and she wrote me a lovely note on Erins birth letter. Without her I wouldn’t have been as confident in my choices nor have found labour such a pleasure experience. So Thank you Midwives. Your all amazing.

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