Toddlers and Food..

Why is there always a constant battle at every meal time… Im bored of saying “sit still” “eat your dinner” “stop it” “don’t do that” it could all be over and done with if they spent less time squeezing chips until the potato comes out or throwing peas on the floor.

Tonight has been no different to any other… Erin didn’t sit still, she ate ketchup by the spoonful.. Squashed chips and peas in her fingers in a bit to not eat them and I am exhausted. How do you get a toddler to eat?! Do you force them? Does it come eventually? Or am I set up for a life of spilt milk and no eating??? It’s opened up a whole new light on dinner time especially when I have seen her sit perfectly at someone else’s table and eat like the perfect child!!! Suggestions welcomed with open arms!!!