Dear Erin- You started school


The night before you started school I was filled with excitement, the look on your face when I told you where we were going melted my heart- you couldn’t wait.

I woke you up on the morning and you got dressed quicker than ever before and I ensured you had ‘princess’ hair with matching accessories, as always.

You ran into school and looked so happy I couldn’t believe my luck- especially with all the other mums who had to peel their little ones off them.

3.30pm came and you told me your day had been ‘super fantastic’ and I couldn’t have been prouder. You weren’t fazed by anything; you have always been the same. I also felt kind of sad you didn’t need me any longer, which was a bit of a shame.

This feeling didn’t last so long the next day you went in fine but cried at lunch and I couldn’t fathom why. This went on for a couple of days but you were still fine going in, I thought you were just missing me when you were within.

That week you cried in the morning and told me you didn’t want to go, this continued through the night and I became full of dread for tomorrow. I missed you so much when you were there and all I wanted to do was cry, your little face looked so sad when we said bye bye.

Week 2 is here and you’re still sad, my heart is pounding for you. You have exclaimed your day was bad and you had no friends to play with you. Tonight you cried yourself to sleep and I didn’t know what to do. I cried all night and panicked about a million things running through my mind, do I change your school or speak to you- I didn’t know but I tried.

I cried to Miss Smith and ensured we could do the best to make you happy but in all honesty this was all a bit too crappy.  Days went on and you were ok, my mind was not at rest. All I wanted is you to be happy I will succeed in my quest.

We booked you a party, at the craft café to be arty and hoped this solved the issue. Especially now as between us we all need a tissue. I love you princess you are my angel and I will never let anyone hurt you. We are getting there and I have even had some smiles too, but this must continue.

Today I got to the school gate and you exclaimed that school was great; I can’t explain how happy you have made me. Tonight I write this letter because I wanted you to know you will always be my baby.

Love Mummy xx