Terrible Two’s

Today I found out a secret…. Everyone has the same issue. Every kid has a time where they are naughty….Some are short lived.. Some are longer. ALL mums go through this! When I thought that i was all alone in the world in a pool of tears.. It appears that everyone goes through it. After thinking about it… The sky’s become clearer and you just need to find an alternative way to deal with the situation…. After shouting and putting Erin in the ‘naughty spot’, i realise I could do it until I was blue in the face and she will continue to flop to a jelly like substance when she’s asked to stand up or put a blank look on her face when you ask why she keeps ignoring me!! The new plan is to ignore, ignore, ignore!! I’m praying it helps and that we are able to have a day of quality time together tomorrow! It’s hard enough being a mum let alone a single mum, hats off to all of you that raise your beautiful children and don’t let anyone tell you your not amazing! Keep your fingers crossed guys and anyone that can give terrible twos advice im all ears!!