Peppa pig and the golden boots!

Today we attended Cineworld Cinema in Wolverhampton to see Peppa Pig and The Golden Boots.

Erin was extremely excited as soon as we got to the cinema and all became a reality!! She’s hopping around like a mad woman telling me which sweets she wanted and drink, we brought our goods which were £9,55 for one small coke and two bags of sweets, thankfully I had remembered Erin’s drink at that price! 
Next we had to cue to get into the film as they only had one screen for the showing but we were issued with booster seats which was a big help as Erin is only two.
There was 30 minutes of trailers prior to the film which could have been cut down a bit as being a film primarily for toddlers they get bored easily! But none the less sweeties seemed to keep erin quiet! 
The film itself was 45 minutes of old Peppa episodes (in my opinion they could have used new ones, but Erin seemed happy enough!)  and 15 minutes of a brand new episode “the golden Boots” Which was great! Erin loved it! And even i had a little chuckle!! All in all a great morning out if not a little pricey a toddlers film, but isn’t every cinema trip!