Have I left it too late?!

When Erin was born I was 23… nearly 24 and good lord I looked at things so differently, age is not a blessing when you look into everything 15 times deeper!!

When Erin was 6-8 weeks old I had a party and went out for the night leaving her with my mum. I didn’t think twice if I’m honest, I was glad of the break. By 1 year old I had left her loads and even for a couple of nights whilst I went away- not once did I worry about her, I missed her but never worried.

Edith is 13 months old on the 11th February and I haven’t yet left her. We have booked to go away for the weekend next weekend and for Matt’s mum and dad to come and stay at ours and look after her. They will do an amazing job and she will be absolutely fine but my god I’m stressing about it!

I almost feel like I should have left her sooner because I feel like it’s now too late for me not to worry! The longest I have left her with my mum or Matt’s parents is 7 hours! Even my mum joked when she bought her a car seat that she wouldn’t buy it unless I left her for longer than 3 hours!!

I feel like I need a good shake as I know she will be perfectly fine and I’m just being a massive wimp!! I genuinely can’t wait for uninterrupted sleep though! Although that probably means I will sleep terribly and come back the same as I went away!! ?

Is this completely irrational behaviour that I am panicking about leaving my child?! This is a very unlike me thing to do and my heart and my head are constantly rowing about my ridiculousness of the situation!!! Knowing us we will go out to dinner and discuss the kids! I mean I don’t have any other chat anymore except what cupboards I have cleaned out!!!