The night owls…

I work part time 5 days a week 9.30-3.00pm. I am lucky to be able to strictly do those hours. Unless I want to make flexi time. My work is really understanding and helpful towards my parenting responsibility. This has got me thinking…

My partner works for a large company and has big projects on at work, he works like an absolute trooper and will genuinely put most things behind his work (apart from me and Erin- we love him a lot for this!!!), The only problem is it makes me think about how much jobs take a toll on people’s lives nowadays!

Remember those days when you couldn’t get emails at home?  When work closed ten minutes after the home time bell went like you see in films!! Why isn’t it like this anymore? So many people get stressed out and put undue pressure on themselves to get everything perfect.

My mum and my dad have both owned restaurants since I was a baby and I can not tell you how stressful it is! If someone offered me a restaurant tomorrow I would turn it down!!

I am guilty of checking my emails when not at work and panicking. Or my big problem sometimes letting blogging/vlogging taking over our evening. (Even though Matt thinks it’s not work!!! Sometimes as there are no time limits it’s so much worse than a 9-5 job!!!)

I think sometimes that work needs to be put second and life comes first.. anyone that’s reading this that has become a workaholic… take a day out step back.. turn your mobile phone off and shut down you deserve it.

Much love
Faye x