Squint no more! 

After being at the school gates and speaking to another fab mummy about her little boys squint, I realised it had been a year last week since Erin’s operation. The time has flown!

When Erin originally had her operation I saw a difference straight away- the only problem is this feeling didn’t last too long. After I had been told that the difference would be immediate and wouldn’t change- this is NOT the case!!!!  I was concerned.

I thought I had put my baby girl through something completely unecessary as it had only changed minutely. A few weeks had passed and yes it had got better but wasn’t this life changing eye operation that I thought it would be.

I came to terms with the lack of difference and thought people were lying to me when they said it looked better!!

After a few months I started to see a slight difference and month by month it got a bit better and better again.

Now a year down the line I have realised exactly what that operation has done for my beautiful baby girl- her eye is perfect. It must have been gradually getting better and better every month but being with her every day, I hadn’t noticed. When I look back at pictures her eye were terrible- they look beautiful now. Anyone thinking about the op I promise it’s worth it! If you want to read my post from the day after the op click here:

Pics below: