I HATE CHANGE. There I said it. I hate not being in control of situations and I hate the unknown. Change makes me anxious and I start panicking to the point where I worry about ridiculous things that normally are completely irrelevant!!

Since Erin started school I have worried about her-the fact she was so unsettled at school. We had tears most days and Erin coming home and telling me she was struggling to make friends. It’s hard enough trying not to be the loner in the playground of mums! This gutted me especially when she was so distraught at going to school. I even had that massive parenting fail of your child’s second week of school- crying at her teacher through lack of sleep and concern. Not my finest parenting moment!!!

I was also becoming anxious about every little thing, work, friends, everything! To top it off Erin’s dad and I had changed the pattern he saw her which has been so much better for us all but how this would work for us all scared me. Even after the first month I am still worrying- god knows why as it’s working out much better and Erin has more of a routine from the change.

All in all the whole of the last month I feel like I am on edge and haven’t quite settled into our new patterns of life yet. I still don’t really know about what happens at school and the way things are run, there’s a lot of new things happening and different things to get my mind around.

The human mind is one of those generally sh*tty things that no matter what you tell it to do it will do the opposite. I would like some normality put back into place- so please mind can you give me a break, I would like some sleep and I would like to get my emotions back in order. Thank you kindly. Your body- Faye x

I saw this quote in the spa in the Maldives and thought the quote was amazing- not that I take note!