Worst tantrum ever…

So today WAS lovely… A little party at my friends for her housewarming until all hell broke loose.

Erin was what I can explain as the devil, she made me want to dig a hole sit in it and cry. Firstly she batted her best friends spade out of his hand making him so upset he cried for 10 minutes.. If that wasn’t enough about two hours later was on the trampoline with her friend and his little friends and because she wanted him all to herself proceeded to hit the other children- for me to hear… Erins hitting us..
I stormed to the trampoline and told her we were going home as she was naughty , she had to apologise to the children and the parents and I had enough: I attempted to put her shoes on as she hit and kicked me, I tapped her leg and told her it was not nice to hit to show her why…she continued to cry as I frog marched her out the house into the drive where she hit me another twice and hit matts car. This was not on- I put her into the corner for four minutes and got her into the car.
On the way home she was asked to think about her behaviour and tell us why she did it. She confessed it was because she didn’t want to share Farren and she was angry for leaving the party and said sorry.
I have never been so mortified in my entire life Erins not normally hugely naughty she’s your average 3/4 year old but today was hell. I have explained to her why it was so bad and that it was so naughty- I think she understood as was inconsable when I put her to bed. I have hated putting her to bed and hated having to go crazy at her but I can’t have her being like that with other children and currently feel like a terrible mum, she sobbed herself to sleep and it has gutted me and I have had to apologise to my friends for her hellish behaviour 🙁
This smile is the smile that normally makes me melt inside 🙁