How many Santa’s is too many Santa’s?!

Erin is five now, and at the age where she asks every question under the sun. Mostly she asks inane questions about completely irrelevant things that I normally have to say I have no idea or should google!!! Thank god Matt is getting an Alexa for his birthday, so she can ask google herself… this potentially could not help me in the situations, where the parents ‘white lies’ come in!!

One of those ‘white lies’ is Santa/Father Christmas or St nick. Whatever you choose to call him. Most parents tell the little white lie about him.  The problem is there are no hard and fast rules about what exactly you should tell your kids. I have found that since that kids at school talk…a lot about things their parents tell them. I have then been hit with the age old ‘but so and so’s mum has to send them to Santa not make them. Why?!’ ERRR I don’t bloody know. (Queue a very quick would you like sausages for dinner?! In hope, this takes her mind off it!!).

This got me thinking with all the men in the big red coat you can go and see for a quick chat and a present. How many is too many?

Last year we saw about 10 Santa’s. This year I have thought about where and who she goes to see. We have been for breakfast with Santa and she will be seeing him at school. (Thankfully they are the same man!!). I was thinking about taking her to see the Santa in Winter Wonderland when we head to London but I’m in two minds. Matt’s nan also wanted to take her to see him, but they were fully booked by the time he got around to booking it.

But how many is too many? Does it depend on the child, is it me that loves the thrill of it more than her?! I don’t know. I always feel like it makes me feel Christmassy. When we head to Winter Wonderland I thought it would finish the trip nicely, but is it me who wants her to go. I really don’t know. I know she won’t believe for too long so I would like her to enjoy it whilst she does. I fear it maybe me not her that needs to see the big man so often!!