Secret Obsession- Pushchairs!!!

Before Erin was Born I was desperate to go pushchair shopping, I indulged myself and picked a Silved Cross 3D fairly quickly. Looking back now I should have thought about many more aspects and took far more pushchairs for a test drive! 

The silver Cross 3D was lovely for when she was newborn and lay in the carry cot looking all gorgeous! She soon grew out of this and I disliked using the car seat attachment as it bothers me that babies are in them for a long time which in turn is bad for thier breathing and backs, it was also immensely bulky and long to put in the car!!. I kept the 3D for about 9 months and my next pushchair was a Silver Cross Linear which was purchased off a friend. Now the Linear was the Rolls Royce of pushchairs! The carrycot was longer as it was the same size as the seat so she looks so gorgey again! (Can you tell I’m a huge fan of carrycots!!) the pushchair changed easily from forward facing to world facing but Jesus it was HUGE!!! It took all your might to take it down and a degree in puzzle solving to get in the boot!!!! But I did love it!!! 
In the mean time we had been on holiday and purchased the Mamas and Papas Polka Stroller! Very cute in colour and design but only sturdy enough for holidays and trips away! 
I also had to think about my mum and my auntie when buying pushchairs as they had Erin three times a week and it was a nightmare trying to exchange pushchairs!! So I got the Kiddicare own brand umbrella stroller for my auntie- cheap and cheerful but definitely does what it says on the tin, and the mamas and papas pramette for my mum (may I add that I brought all pushchairs apart from my first second hand as I’m not made of money and a lot of time used pushchair swap sites on Facebook as then it wouldn’t cost me a penny to swap! ?) 
Never had any reports of good or bad from my mum or auntie but they are still going strong so I assume they aren’t bad for single use in the week ?
I chose the petit star Zia as my next weapon of choice! Small folding, cute and pushed nicely! Perfect for our first holiday abroad. My next set of wheels that I had was Mamas and Papas Luna! I was a big fan of this I loved the purple colour and it folded down really small! But yet again my obsession still pushed me towards a new one! (Excuse the pun!) I then swapped for the oyster Max! Again liked the colour and style but a pain to fold as you always had to take the seat off!!! 
The babystyle Ria and Babylo Max were the next two ( there seems to be a theme of large pushchair and stroller going on!! Must have been my way of excusing my own behaviour!!!) I wasn’t a massive fan of the Ria but it folded nicely and the Babylo Max was too small for my now growing toddler but was kept for Maisie and this is now her pushchair and we really like it- especially as it’s a travel system! 
I had always dreamed about the Cosatto Bow from the moment it came out but was so expensive and no one was willing to swap! So when this came up for swaps I Jumped at the deal- I loved it! So  girly and cute but wouldn’t fit in my blinking boot without a fight!!!!
Last but not least!! My most recent pushchair purchase… the baby Jogger City Mini! I got this pushchair for our holiday to Florida with Erin being 3 quite a few people told me to make her walk! Thank heavens I didn’t!!!! She fell asleep in this pushchair we used to it carry all our stuff and it folded really small! This is one of the best pushchairs/strollers I have had!! It folds really small and is so easy to push, it has many pockets and drives amazingly! (I know I sound like a car salesman but this is literally how far my love of pushchairs goes!!!) 
I now admit I do have a slight pushchair problem!! I genuinely think if I had found “the one” when I started or took more for a test drive it would have been different! I don’t regret it but I have now got over it I think!! Ha!! But my tips for you if you buy a pushchair… Don’t go for the first you see it’s like a wedding dress… Try try try! You will probably use it more than your car!!! Make sure it fits in your boot without hassle- this will impact your thoughts of the pushchair later on trust me!!! Lastly love it- if you don’t love it, it’s not for you! What pushchairs do you love let me know in the comments! I have added a few sneaky pics of the purchases over time! 🙂 xx