Do toddlers have an inbuilt clock to annoy us?!

So after two weeks of trying Gro clocks and princess clocks my toddler has outsmarted me once again!!!! 
Do they go to sleep thinking of ways to annoy you?!
So it began like this 5.50am was our new wake up time… Was I ok with this?! In short NO!!! She had gone from 6pm- 7.30am to 7pm until 5.50am?! why?! She  had been doing more than ever… Full days out.. Running around like a mentalist… Nursery all day with swimming after… Yet she was still going to bed later and getting up earlier! 
So the time came where I had enough and purchased a Disney princess Glo Clock.. Light stays on when it’s night and in the morning goes off… 

Great… It worked… 7pm-8pm!! Score! I thought I had unlocked the key to a massive secret… But no!!! This didn’t last long!! Next was 7pm-7am again I can cope with this but now she gets up in the morning normally around half 6 and has started turning the clock off at the back!!! So every morning… She comes to the door and says.. “Mum my lights off” great yes it is off but it didn’t go off at the time I set at 7am!!!!!! Once she’s up there’s no going back… One sleep deprived mummy here who needs assistance!! Anyone got any miracle cures out there?! How do you make your toddlers sleep longer??
Love sleep deprived mummy x