Book review

Nemo & Giraffe Book Review

Ever tried to teach your toddler about how to respect pets and friends?! If so this book is for you! I was kindly offered the chance to review Nemo & Giraffe to Erin’s excitement! 

When we received the book we set ourselves up in bed, all ready to read! 

We enjoyed reading the book about Nemo a friendly house cat who is scared of the outside world, but has his best friend Giraffe to help him through the tough times such as moving house! 
The book teaches children to appreciate friends and look after thier animals as some animals are a little scared of things. Erin really loved the book as the illustrations by Linda Damen were great! They really helped tell the story through picture of you had a toddler who doesn’t always let you read each page!!  

The book is also fab for little ones who are learning to read as it doesn’t have a lot of words and are nicely spaced to enable little readers to sound the words out nicely. It really is a lovely night time book that you can read over and over again 🙂

The book is only £4.99 to purchase and you can get a copy from Amazon-
It’s definately worth a buy! 
Nb. We were sent Nemo and Giraffe  in return for an honest review and all pictures and opinions are my own.