Christmas, Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy- What are the rules?!

With Christmas around the corner, we definitely have our traditions set… but what I have realised is when your little angels go to school they discuss what goes on.

This has left me in a pickle because many times Erin has come home and compared life with ‘Gemma- (random name pick of a non-school child)’ at school.

Last year we had Christmas comparisons that I had to ‘explain’ pretty quick. This has since got me thinking. When you become a parent why isn’t there a manual which explains the rules behind – tooth fairy, birthdays, Easter bunny, Santa Claus?! The whole thing is a minefield.

I loosely based Erin’s experiences on what I experienced as a child but with a splash of new things I wanted to include in our traditions. But I didn’t think it through… I didn’t think that Santa doesn’t have mince pies at our house… I didn’t think that the tooth fairy may not leave ‘fairy dust and a note’ at little Gemma’s house.

Kids talk…. They are always excited to explain what happened last night to their friend’s first thing in the morning!

I feel like there should be an NHS manual which explains what your traditions should be if you’re adopting the holiday. How much the going rate is for the tooth fairy, what you should leave Santa, how does the Easter bunny work (I’m still confused by this one.)

At the end of the day all of these ‘traditions’ start with a stranger entering your house!!! That as a starting point is petrifying! I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t think things through prior to having children! And making my life the least difficult rather than thinking Elf on the Shelf was a genius thing to do!!!

Do you have any strange traditions that you follow? Or regret taking on? Should there be a guide?!