School Label Review

Kids going back to school soon? Hate having to fiddle about writing names with sharpies or ironing labels that you have already written on?? Yep! Me too!!

Luckily for me saved me the hassle this year and were kind enough to let me review there new ‘Hello Kitty’ Range of Stick on labels and they are fab!

Ordering these labels is such a simple process- first you go to the website – select your design (there are loads!!) – write your text- pay!! And they arrived in 48 hours!! 
My daughter loves the labels and told me all her friends would want to see them so today we tried them out!
The instructions of use are simple and you can just stick them to the interior labels of clothes or pencil cases/drinks flasks or whatever you wish! They also come in iron on but as I detest ironing I thought these would be the best ones to go for!

Erin had great fun helping me label all of her school things which brought the fun into going back to school as she can’t wait to show everyone! They don’t come off in the wash and stick really easily! As they come on a sheet of 56 you can label all of your child’s key items including after school activitiy items such as Ballet shoes!

We have also been lucky enough to pass on a fabulous offer and get 10% off the stickers just in time for returning to school! Go to and in the checkout use SUMMER15
This is a fab offer for you and your little ones just before the return to school! 

Nb. We were gifted this product in return for an honest review and all pictures and opinions are my own.