Dear Erin… you have been a shit!

Dear my beautiful baby girl…

We are now in the second term at school and I thought things were so much better- I had just had your parents evening and it was fabulous.

Yesterday at home you were being a shit… you didn’t listen and ignored most things I said. I put it down to moving into a house you didn’t know.

This morning you woke at ridiculous times starting at 4am… I mean what’s that all about! We continued again on the road of “no listening ears”. I gave you a stern warning in the car and yet you still didn’t listen.

I collected you from school tonight and I heard those dreaded words… again. “Mum I have a letter in my bag for you”. Now Erin this isn’t the first time I have had a letter…it’s the THIRD!!!!! you haven’t even done two terms at school yet.

The first letter:

The second:

And now the third:

Now Erin… I know your not naughty… stubborn but not naughty. Come on kiddo three letters in less than two full terms!!

I have written this post to show you how much of a monkey you were when you are old enough to read this! 

What is insane is this evening 4 days later you have been AMAZING- literally almost robotic! It’s been a fab weekend and your back to being my smart beautiful girlie! Keep it up monkey! And please stop with the letters!!! ??

Love you angel xx