What Would you do if you won the lottery?!

Sixteen years of age… Lottery age! As soon as I hit sixteen I was excited about the milestone of being able to buy a lottery ticket. Now lottery was one of those things that I always dreamed about winning. When I think about it what exactly would I do if i won the lottery?!

The concept of winning the lottery is a strange one.. would it ever happen?! Not likely! I never win anything. The most I have won on a scratch card is like £6!! What do people even do with that kind of cash?! How do you even go about saving/spending or investing it?!

When I come to think of it I have ideas of what i would like to buy in the mad splurge moment. (IF I ever won!). On the other hand I couldn’t tell you what I would spend the sensible money on apart from a house.. and then a cleaner as the house would be far to big to clean.

What would I do… would i buy more than one property or invest it. Who knows… I think Matt would be able to be the sensible one if I did ever win. Other than that I would be good at the spending on the unnecessary items.

On my wish list would be…

  • a whole new set of Bare Minerals make up… every piece I wanted!!
  • A new house with a cleaner and Ironing lady!
  • To go to all of the blogging conferences I can’t afford!
  • Some Nice jewelry for myself
  • a whole new wardrobe mainly from Joules!
  • a few new pairs of Jimmy Choos, Manolos and Loubitons!

Now this is literally a massive wish list for me as the likelihood is very low that I would ever win the lottery- but it is really fun to speculate what I would buy anyway! If you want to win the lottery or at least be within a chance to win head to Lotto Land

What would you spend yours on?!



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