How to Cope with your kid’s cold!

How many times a year is there snot running down your child’s face from a cold? if your little one is anything like mine it is frequent. Yet I always seem so unprepared.

Over the last 6 years, I have finally mastered all the tips and tricks needed for when Erin has a cold. Luckily we cope with them quite well now and many people have told me that my tips and tricks have worked for them.

Here is the list of the things we do to combat a cold (these don’t just work in adults they work in little ones too!)

  • Put boiling water in a metal bowl with 10 drops of Snufflebabe oil and place on a shelf out of reach. I always go into Erin’s room in before I go to bed and change the water. This stops coughs and stuffy noses.
  • Snufflebabe on little one’s feet- a good slathering on your little one’s feet and put their socks over the top to stop them coughing. It really does work!!
  • Snufflebabe on backs and fronts- again simple yet effective. Slather it on your little ones back and front to stop congestion.

  • Klear-vol on pillows/blankets or teddies- I love the smell of Klear-vol and so does Erin we like to put it on her pillow and the bear. You can purchase from- Klear-Vol.
  • If you have little babies Aximed Infant inhaler is a dummy you can pop Snufflebabe oil into and it sits under the nose without having to touch your little one which is an amazing invention- you can buy them here; CMS Shop
  • Saline Nasal Spray- again Snufflebabe do a great spray with you and unblock little one’s noses alongside a nasal aspirator- where you literally suck bogies out your little one’s nose! fear not- there is a blocker to stop them going up the tube!! You can buy all the Snufflebabe products mentioned here.
  • Standard medicines like Calpol for fever and cough medicine- but as with all of these products you need to check dosage and ages as I am not a medical professional.

Do you have any tips that I am missing?