Sensory Garden- Benefits for kids and Parents

This Blog post was sponsored by Simply Plastics.

When sat thinking about moving house and getting a new fresh garden to design really excites me. I love the fact that you can make something your own, I think you can do this more in a garden than a house. There tends to be more to work with in a garden.

I wanted several things from a garden. Safe, fun and sensory. I wanted the garden on the whole to be for kids, especially as they are the ones who use it the most.  I had several ideas which included a sensory herb/flower garden. This would be perfect for the senses and to enable Erin to smell and feel different smells and textures. My plan was to cut an area in the border and have this specifically for this area of the garden.

Other Ideas I had involved having a sectioned area for Erin’s play items such as her play house, slide and perhaps get her a swing.  This would then be able to have the floor soft enough that if she threw herself off one of them that she would land softly and not cut herself to smithereens.

The last thing I wanted to do was to have a visual sensory area with some bright colours and some mirrors. I thought this would look really cool as the mirrors and colours could looks quite arty. The idea was based around the Silver Garden Acrylic Mirror from www.simplyplastics.com.

The mirrors would stand out and be a nice feature by making a focal point of the garden. As well as a great sensory area. The mirrors are made out of acrylic so you don’t have the worry of them breaking. They come in several sizes and colours. The coloured mirrors would look great if you were not brave enough to include the colours elsewhere.

Sensory gardens are great for kids of all ages and also look really good. I can’t wait to try it out in our new garden.