Thanks Another year! Our Christmas has been a good one!

It’s done, gone again, another 363 days until the next one!

2016 as a year has been pretty good. Christmas 2016 has also been great. I have learnt so many things this Christmas that I wont be making the same mistakes again.

Mistake 1- Not completely prepping myself for vlogmas!

Ok it was the first year I did vlogmas but my god why didn’t I plan a bit more?! It should have been simple in theory pre record lots and fill the gaps. Instead I just pre recorded some content- didn’t edit it until the night I needed it.

I just wasn’t organised! I need to get organised with all the actual real life Christmas things like shopping and wrapping and writing cards before I attempt it again.

There is a massive plus about doing vlogmas and that is that I have so many amazing memories of Erin’s Christmas this year and that will be amazing for her to look back on.

I have also learnt as a Vlogger this year too and my editing is better now and I have gained subscribers and views! can’t all be bad eh!

Mistake 2- Letting my poor blog to go S***!

Vlogmas took over my life and I did absolutely nothing about my actual blog. I moved in the Tots 100 to a higher place and was gutted. My stats are terrible for December and I lost the will to live with it all. From now on, I will now be putting my blog and my blog at the forefront of my minds and will be uploading regularly on both with a schedule to ensure that I have some form of routine. I am going to try and improve my DA and monetize my blog a bit more.

I don’t think I have ever felt so guilty about leaving my poor blog to stew in the corner overtaken by vlogmas and Christmas spirit, but it did teach me that actually I love blogging and it gives me something that’s mine and that I am proud of.

What kinds of things would you do differently next year?