Cure for Relux and Colic? A cranial Osteopath was my saviour!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that Erin was a very sickly bubba. She has reflux. Silent reflux in fact which is where she was sick but most of the time just made a horrific noise. She still has it now and you can read all about it here; Reflux Coughs and Cries

Erin also suffered with colic. These two things put together are like the devil on heat. One night it was so bad I spent three hours rocking her to sleep and lay her in her cot. Twenty minutes late she was screaming again and awake. This continued all night until eventually I got into her cot. Yes a full grown woman lay in a babies cot- but in my head this was the only was I could get her to sleep. I was at my wits end and didn’t know what to do, she wasn’t a tiny baby anymore. She was nearly one.

Next time I saw my health visitor she asked if I had any concerns and I mentioned we had been to the doctors several times and kept being fobbed off with medicines for Erin that did nothing. She suggested visiting a cranial osteopath. I smiled and said I would look into it. I am not going to lie I thought the woman was around the bend! Like an osteopath was going to fix her. If only I could tell my self that it would improve things a hell of a lot and cure her colic!

As the weeks went by I was given Colief by the doctors. Wow I thought it was a miracle Erin was ten times better than she had been and only took an hour to get to sleep. Result. The reflux on the other hand was still hell. She was grunting constantly and looked in so much pain it was horrific. I found the number of a cranial osteopath and thought It was worth a shot.

I am not going to lie when the woman on the phone told me it would take 2/3 sessions at £40 each and an hours drive away I nearly died. Maternity pay is not great and we weren’t well off. I went for it and soon the day rolled around. Erin screamed the whole way to Shrewsbury and I was dreading the session. We got into the clinic which resembled a house and a lovely lady took my little girl lay her on a huge bed and literally looked like she sat and held her head for 30 minutes. I was like jesus I have just paid this money for nothing she hadn’t even moved! Erin was good as gold through the session though and slept the whole way home.

Weirdly after her first appointment her colic had got lots better, to the point where she hardly struggled anymore. I considered giving it another go. We went back again and the same thing happened except when I returned home this time her grunting became less. It was genuinely working. After the third session she was near enough better and with the medicine from the doctors she was under control. It was amazing I couldn’t believe it.

The Osteopath had explained to me that when babies are born their heads are squashed through the birth canal and it puts pressure on their brains causing all sorts of issues such as colic and reflux. She said Erin has a tight neck and needed the pressure releasing in her head. It was amazing. If ever I had another baby I would take it within the first month! The Osteopath also calms children with austism and ADHD which I thought was pretty amazing. The question is why isn’t this offered as an alternative to medicine by the NHS first?