A Little update before I jump back in!

Hello everybody! Long time no speak- well we all thought this year was going to be better but wow its the same if not worse isn’t it.

Every one I know is at the end of their tether with homeschooling, rain,snow and general Covid implications. I am too. I was putting off writing on here until the majority of shite was over but I genuinely think that will be 2022!!!

We mostly hang around in pjs with chocolate on our heads!

How are you all? I miss speaking with you guys and interacting on social media! I have been active on insta so the likelihood is that if you’re on there we have been speaking 🙂

Usually I do a post about my goals and aims for the year in January but I genuinely have none! Nothing I want to stick to all year anyway! My only goal is to be able to sit with family and friends in a warm house at some point.

We have fed these ducks more than you will know! 🦆

Anyway yes were in lockdown and life’s going to shite but we have a vaccine and our grandparents and soon parents are getting it so I’m super chuffed about that. I just wish we would know about kids and pregnant people to keep everyone safe! Do you think kids will end up getting it?

Anyway this was just a post to say hey I’m back and apart from building snowmen and cleaning I haven’t really been up to much else, but I’m coming back to blogging as I miss it and I miss speaking to you guys, so Hellllooooo I’m Back!

Much love, stay strong (if homeschooling) and stay safe. Faye xx

Edith started drinking and watching the football she’s so bored! 😂( it’s none alcoholic! Erin loves it! Apparently now so does Edith! )