A Little update before I jump back in!

Hello everybody! Long time no speak- well we all thought this year was going to be better but wow its the same if not worse isn’t it.

Every one I know is at the end of their tether with homeschooling, rain,snow and general Covid implications. I am too. I was putting off writing on here until the majority of shite was over but I genuinely think that will be 2022!!!

We mostly hang around in pjs with chocolate on our heads!

How are you all? I miss speaking with you guys and interacting on social media! I have been active on insta so the likelihood is that if you’re on there we have been speaking 🙂

Usually I do a post about my goals and aims for the year in January but I genuinely have none! Nothing I want to stick to all year anyway! My only goal is to be able to sit with family and friends in a warm house at some point.

We have fed these ducks more than you will know! ?

Anyway yes were in lockdown and life’s going to shite but we have a vaccine and our grandparents and soon parents are getting it so I’m super chuffed about that. I just wish we would know about kids and pregnant people to keep everyone safe! Do you think kids will end up getting it?

Anyway this was just a post to say hey I’m back and apart from building snowmen and cleaning I haven’t really been up to much else, but I’m coming back to blogging as I miss it and I miss speaking to you guys, so Hellllooooo I’m Back!

Much love, stay strong (if homeschooling) and stay safe. Faye xx

Edith started drinking and watching the football she’s so bored! ?( it’s none alcoholic! Erin loves it! Apparently now so does Edith! )