House Series

House Series- Part 1- Playroom

Happy Monday everybody, after some let’s say ‘Market research’ on my instagram and facebook for content it turns out you guys just want to be nosey and look around my new house! Which is totally fine because I love looking around peoples houses too!

I am going to do this as a series and do one room a week starting with the Playroom because lets face it, I spend most of my time there at the moment!

Also before anyone says omg your rooms are so tidy… yes they are when the kids aren’t in them! I clean the house once a week and top tidy for the rest of the week but me being me-I attempt to tidy a room when I have left it because I have a weird love for a tidy room and if I didn’t my house would look like a skip within 8 hours. So I am not a robot and if you watch my insta stories you know how messy it becomes! If you do want to follow me on insta and don’t already I would love that as I’m finally so close to 10,000 followers and that age old swipe up! So check us out here- Glossytots.

When we bought this house I am pleased to say it ticked all of my ‘Dream house’ boxes, I am so lucky Matt works so hard to provide a lovely home for us and one of the boxes I wanted to tick was a playroom for the girls. We had a playroom in the old house but this time I wanted to design it in a way which is more playable. Hello IKEA! I don’t know many people who have a playroom but don’t have Ikea things in it. I went a bit wild for storage but I love storage because effectively it hides the mess. I will pop a picture below and show you what I have done to make it work for us.

The Storage wall

So here is the ‘practical wall’. All of the units are from Ikea the two side ones with the boxes are Kallax and the middle one is the Besta with the oak top and no feet- this is perfect for holding puzzles and board games because its long . We mixed and matched with the baskets and drawers/cupboards to make the space work for us. The drawers we use for things like paper and pens and the baskets for all the toys. I have an array of Disney items including the pictures and Ornaments because you guys know us we love Disney. I also use the top of the small one to showcase the wooden and sensory toys. The girls have a tv to watch Disney on and a Yoto player (gifted) to listen to stories and the radio.

The centre

So For the rest of the ‘bottom’ and centre of the playroom we have Edith’s shop which she got for Christmas this is from Aldi and she Loves it. We have the dolls house she was bought for Christmas off her Grandparents (Early Learning centre) on top of another Ikea Toy box, this one is smaller and is better to keep things Edith wants to play with on because she’s so tiny! (You will see a step next to it because she can’t reach the top! Ha!!) Next she has a little pink chair and a ride on Cow with her farm on the windowsill because again the windowsills are small enough for her to reach. Lastly there’s my favourite thing about the playroom and its the Rug which is a Munchkin and Bear Hamptons Pink Mat in Large, its fab because I Literally mop it!

The End

Lastly there’s a larger Chair for Erin or me, the books on the windowsill, A small chairs and tables set for crafting (again Ikea) and the play kitchen which was fab and was from amazon for really cheap! I bought the spots on the wall from Kaisie’s Rooms (an American website) they are fab they literally stick on and off! I have moved them so many times including one wall to another!

I think that’s everything you will want to know but if you want specific things or where things are from comment on here or my social posts and I will be more than happy to tell you 🙂 one thing I can’t wait for it to open the doors in the summer and let the girls play outside as directly outside are the girls play areas.