Things to do with kids in the West Midlands!

Let’s face it… having Such a huge age gap with the girls I was bricking it about the holidays. I have managed to find ways to keep them happy during the holidays and found some gorgeous places to go. None of these places were gifted to me- they were all paid for!

My favourite of all the places to go was-

Adventure Street at Baggeridge- this amazing place is a cute little role play village. It is small and only lets a certain number of people in. So Make sure you book. It has lots of little places such as hairdressers, theatre, police station, bakery, shop and more . The kids loved it and there was even a cafe for parents and children with delicious cakes on offer!!! Check it out at

We have also headed to CBeebies land- now there are plus points for this but there are also negatives. Let’s go with negatives first- it’s expensive and there are long queues to get in- my advice is book online- it’s way cheaper and use the tickets you have to print to not have to stand in a huge queue!!! The rides are great for everyone from Edith’s age- 7 months to Erin at 7 years old. We did have to queue a long time for some rides but I think that’s one of those things having to do stuff in the 6 weeks holiday! Thankfully the girls were golden and really enjoyed the array of rides including a park area. The food inside was also healthy and not expensive at all so this was a plus. Check it out here

Another thing we have done is been added to a “book Geocaching” fb page. You can do this wherever you live and it’s a fantastic idea- hide a book with a note saying if you find this book head to “name of fb group” and post a pic of where you re hide it! It’s been fab and Erin and I have been finding books reading them and then re hiding them! Just make sure you hide them in something waterproof!!

Cosford Air Museum- this one is fab we have been loads of times before and it’s an aircraft museum with interactive sections- it’s more for Erin but Edith enjoys looking up at the planes whilst having a wonder around!! Best of all it’s Free!!!!! You just pay for the carpark!

Check it out here

Another one of our favourite places is West Midlands Safari park! Tonnes of animals- a return pass for free and a fair! What more could you want! There’s a very realistic dinosaur section and you can drive around the animals at your speed and feed them! Both of my girls Love it!!!Safari park

One more place I love is the Black Country museum! It’s such a gorgeous place to go and is perfect for a full day out at a great price to learn about history as well as having a great time! Also perfect if you are a Peaky Blinders fan because it was partly filmed there! You can even take a lesson in the Victorian school, drink in the pub and play games outside the church!

There are many more but I would be here forever!! I will do another post with our other favourites soon!