10 Reasons YouTube and kids Perplex mummies!!

 The world of YouTube- it’s great if you want to find a tutorial on something you can’t do or a Vlog of the latest Hoover, but kids love it… My daughter would watch it every waking minute (the iPad is prized out of her tiny little fingers to her disgust!)  Here’s my list of reasons why children and YouTube perplex me!!

1.Why oh why do toddlers find it entertaining to watch what I assume is an American (although has the most confusing accent!) opening kinder eggs?!

2.The same odd woman obviously runs out of kinder and “surprise eggs” and just turns the wrapping toys up in playdoh?!?

3. Scary frozen?! I mean what’s this all about adults making terrible videos of a horror version of frozen! With terrible outfits!!

4.Barbies birthday party… Yet another where grown adults “play” with Barbies including terrible plots and faux accents!!

5. The moment where your child repeatedly says “it’s Awesommmee” or starts every sweet packet opening with “hi- Disney collector here” 

6.Watching other kids playing a game that they have recorded?! Yes Minecraft I’m looking at you as the source of this!!
7. When your toddler watches Peppa pig on YouTube only when you notice they have been pressing the screen of the ipad for Peppa now to be announcing “bonjour!” As the whole thing is now in French, and they are still mesmerised!!

8. Crazy American adults dressed as super heroes playing with their kids toys in a poor attempt to claim they are “reviewing” it!

9. Someone forming princess gowns amazingly out of playdoh and sticking them to small Disney princesses. For your child to then demand you do the same next time you play playdoh and has a humongous tantrum when you form a terrible flat piece of playdoh as a skirt!!

10. The sheer amount of time children will watch this utter rubbish for!!!   
But in a restaurant when you want your little angel to sit quietly and pretending they are perfect, we thank Youtube and all of these people for taking the time to fill our kids head with the rubbish!! Leave me a comment about any you would add to the list!