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No Resolutions… Just positive actions!

I am sure you have read thousands of peoples ‘ I will be doing this and that’ posts already today. I won’t be saying that I vow to do all of these amazing things because let’s face it- everything is impossible to stick to.

There are a few things that I do attempt to do over the next year and make a success of.

My Blog-

My blog is a year and a half old. I have only really put my all into it in this last year. Even then I wouldn’t say that full efforts were put in. My plan this year is to go through every post and update them. Yes It going to take me an age but i think that little and often will be the key. I will also ensure that broken links are fixed. SEO will also be a major aspect of my clear up to enable me to drive the most views to my page. Fingers crossed this will enable me to double my traffic. That is the dream anyway.

Personal Life-

I will be doing the age old cringe worthy ‘be healthier and lose weight’ although it will be involving healthy ways. My plan is to continue to do Slimming world as i have found that it really works well for me and I want to exercise more Matt’s sister is going to come walking with me weekly. I also want to complete a run or exercise DVD dependent on weather. The last thing I will be doing is making sure I make more of an effort with my clothes. I wasn’t blessed with the best fashion sense but I am going to try.

Special Time-

Erin loves doing anything crafty or baking so I think I want to set aside special time with her weekly to do a craft or snuggle with a DVD. The same goes for time with Matt he works so hard. I want to have one date night a week. Even if it is just a nice meal and watching a film.


Looking at my goals I think they are achievable. If i can do these it would be great and I think I will feel accomplished over the next year. There are other things i would also like to do. Swagbucks a survey site is a really good way of making extra money. With that and nectar points I would love to save money with these. (if anyone wants to know more about Swagbucks let me know)


Blogging Tips