The queen of after school clubs!

It’s the end of term and again I have had the flurry of letters asking if Erin would like to do any clubs.

Her answer is always yes. Since she started school she’s some tonnes of clubs and I have no idea if I should tone it down or if it’s a really good thing?

She isn’t faddy at all! In fact she has done pretty much the same clubs since reception and really enjoys them. A few have changed due to them changing at school but next term she will be doing-






Three of those are after school clubs and the other two are things she does on a Saturday. She has such a busy week but she loves it when clubs are on!

She chooses which ones she wants to do and never has a bad thing to say about them! Choir is before school too which is helpful.

I suppose when she gets older she will give up with all the clubs and either stick to one thing or just give in completely like I did! Who knows! At the moment though she really enjoys herself so I should embrace the fact she still wants to do them and not worry.

As long as the rest of her schooling isn’t affected or her tiredness levels then I don’t think it’s a bad thing!

Do your children do masses of after school clubs??