Glasses- I thought I was ok about it!

Today Erin and I had an appointment at the Optometrist at our local hospital. Her previous appointment they had confirmed they were worried about Erin’s long sighted vision.

Erin has always had to go to hospitals about her eyes since we found her squint at the age of one. She’s very used to the rigmarole but she also remembers aspects of it- such as the dilation drops. The dilation drops are hell. They hurt when they go in. This resulted in me heading to my aunties an hour before her appointment as I knew we would have to hold her down. I was right. Her arms and head were held as she cried she didn’t want them. I managed to get them into her but it was pretty horrific.

I have had a few weeks to get my head around Erin having glasses and I thought I was ok about it. She had them when she was one and she looked cute. We went into the hospital and had all of the tests.

It wasn’t until we went to discuss the results with the doctor that the panic set in. I was stressing and I knew it. I asked if her eyesight would ever get better and the doctor confirmed it was doubtful. The doctor also confirmed Erin has astigmatism so contact lenses as she gets older will be a struggle. I was heartbroken. I don’t know why either. I think it’s because I have been in the position of getting ready to go out and hating my glasses and my god they are a faff. I wear contacts and they are a faff too. I just didn’t want my baby girl to have to worry about stuff like this. She hasn’t been overly happy since we said she would probably have to have glasses and I think that’s what stemmed my saddness.

On the way home from the hospital I wanted to get the glasses sorted as I knew it was for the best to get her glasses quickly so her eyesight was corrected, so we headed to specsavers. Erin turned to me in the car and said her eyes were getting better and she could see so she doesn’t need glasses anymore. Queue me putting on my sunglasses as I could no longer hold back my tears. I told her she still had to have them and everything would be ok. All in all I think I was confirming to me as well as her- because it will be ok. So many worse things could have happened to her and I am being ridiculous. To the point that I feel silly, but unfortunately it is just how I reacted.

So Erin and I went off and chose her new specs. We chose some really stylish ones. Red for school to go with her uniform and a deep purple/red for the weekends! She looks very cute and I am now starting to feel better especially after I spoke to the lovely Jenny at Accidental Hipster Mum. She really put my mind at ease as she works in the field- also all my other lovely blogging friends, friends and family have been fantastic so thanks guys.

Have your little ones had glasses and how have they coped?