Beautiful shoes for my own Bambini! Bambini & Me Review;

Beautiful shoes for my own Bambini! Bambini & Me Review

Ever wondered what kind of chemicals go into the products we use? No I hadn’t either… until I was shown how little goes into Bambini and Me products… which has revolutionised my way of thinking what exactly we are exposing our children too. Every day we look at how to feed them natural organic foods …

MAM Toothbrush, Snack pot & first cup review;

MAM Toothbrush, Snack pot & first cup review

When we were offered by popular baby brand MAM to test some of there products we were very excited!  We chose- My first Toothbrush                  Snack pot                  My first cup  The day our parcel arrived Erin was super excited to …

Updo’s I have done from toddler to adult!;
Giveaway; Want to be a yummy mummy?! Mummy workouts show us how!!;

Giveaway; Want to be a yummy mummy?! Mummy workouts show us how!!

Struggle with childcare? Get back from work late? Feel like you haven’t got time to do anything at a set time but want to lose weight, tone up or just relax!? Me too!!We have the solution!!!WIN A 3 MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP TO YUMMY MUMMY ONLINE WORKOUTS!!To Enter click here- Competition is open worldwide and ends … Label Review;
School Label Review

Kids going back to school soon? Hate having to fiddle about writing names with sharpies or ironing labels that you have already written on?? Yep! Me too!! Luckily for me saved me the hassle this year and were kind enough to let me review there new ‘Hello Kitty’ Range of Stick on labels and …

Do toddlers have an inbuilt clock to annoy us?!;

Do toddlers have an inbuilt clock to annoy us?!

So after two weeks of trying Gro clocks and princess clocks my toddler has outsmarted me once again!!!!  Do they go to sleep thinking of ways to annoy you?! So it began like this 5.50am was our new wake up time… Was I ok with this?! In short NO!!! She had gone from 6pm- 7.30am …

Nemo & Giraffe Book Review;
Book review

Nemo & Giraffe Book Review

Ever tried to teach your toddler about how to respect pets and friends?! If so this book is for you! I was kindly offered the chance to review Nemo & Giraffe to Erin’s excitement!  When we received the book we set ourselves up in bed, all ready to read!  We enjoyed reading the book about …

South Hill Jewellery Product Review;

South Hill Jewellery Product Review

Recently I was invited to a jewellery launch at a shop called ‘Hopskotch’ in my local town of Bridgnorth, I was unable to attend but the lovely Michelle offered me the chance to try out the jewellery for myself. The beautiful necklace I received was a locket with three beautiful charms. I had never seen …

The Body Shop’s New secret.. Revealed!;

The Body Shop’s New secret.. Revealed!

Ladies.. Do you want to know a secret?? You know that spa day relaxation that we do once a year if we are lucky?! Well we can now do it in our own home.. For little cost and within 15 minutes!!  The Body Shops new launch of there “Spa of the world” products that promotes …

Slow Roasted Rib of Beef;

Slow Roasted Rib of Beef

Our first link party with Stacey Homemarker- Recipes!  I thought we would share my favourite Rib of Beef recipe that we like to enjoy for our family roast on a Sunday. To get the perfect rib of beef you need the following things: Meat thermometer probe Rib of beef Garlic infused olive oil Butter Time …