Princess Dough- Sensory activities;
Princess dough recipe

Princess Dough- Sensory activities

As we are lucky enough to spend full days together Erin and I like to make the most of it with a day out or something fun- but most of all I like them to be educational activities too. Last week we decided to make “Princess Dough” it has a creamy texture similar to playdoh …

Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries;

Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries

Operations for kids, not something one thinks about on a daily basis… until you have to go through it. What an eye opener this last few months has been, worry, stress and most of all fear. Now I am not one to preach about how horrific something is going to be as there are people …

Aden & Anais kids with style!;

Aden & Anais kids with style!

Aden & Anais not a company I had ever heard before and why not because they are fab! The tag line on their website is ‘we believe in muslin. From the breathability and natural give to the softness and durability, we aim to bring global awareness of cotton muslin and all of its benefits.’ Certainly …

Gorgeous Present ideas- Handmade Plaque Co;

Gorgeous Present ideas- Handmade Plaque Co

When Erin was born lots of lovely people brought us gifts for her, some personalised which were great, but I had nothing with her date of birth, weight and time on. All of which I had on a plate at my mums house, the tradition of this seems to be lost in time and its …

Picky Eater? Try a Secret Sausage!;

Picky Eater? Try a Secret Sausage!

Do you have a picky eater? I do in fact I have a three year old that is obsessed with sausages!! You hear all the horror stories about what sausages contain- oats, bad parts of pig, the works and they are full of calories and fat! Not something I want to constantly feed my child, …

Treats in the Bathroom-Paddy’s Bathroom Review;

Treats in the Bathroom-Paddy’s Bathroom Review

Something I never knew was Ella’s kitchen and Paddy’s Bathroom were the names of a clever man Paul’s Children and he named his amazing products after them?! I have always been a massive fan of Ella’s kitchen when bubs was small, we loved what they tried to do and loved that they made everything with …

And Relax… Urban massage Review;

And Relax… Urban massage Review

Do you feel like your forever on the go?! Yesterday I felt the exact same, I got the train home from London dropped bubba with my mum, drove straight to Birmingham for a works do. So knowing when I arrived I had an Urban Massage booked I was in heaven… Although in true Faye style …

Clair De Lune- products perfect for Mummies!;

Clair De Lune- products perfect for Mummies!

Clair De Lune… one of the brands I always spend my time browsing on the internet drooling at the stunning products, when I got the chance to review 3 of the products I jumped at the chance. I was offered the foot muff, Changing bag and seat liner all of which I was excited to …