Wicked Uncle… The solution to all Present Problems!

How many times has Erin been invited to a friends birthday party but he happens to be a boy… I know girls… What on earth do 3 year old boys want?!

That’s where Wicked Uncle step in… A fantastic website that finds the perfect present from minimal information (age and sex) and if you are completely clueless in what to buy you are able to pick what is the hottest trend with boys and girls at the time!
Wicked uncle website can be found at www.wickeduncle.co.uk and is so easy to navigate- we were lucky enough to be given a voucher code to buy Erin some treats for her birthday. I really put it to the test and gave the code to her uncle to buy her the products…now he is absolutely clueless and is useless when it comes to buying 4 year old girls gifts!
What a test “wicked uncle” passed!! Erin was delighted with her gifts and thought they were great which led her uncle to gain the titled of being “wicked!” She was so happy with her gifts and I think this is portrayed in her review of Wicked Uncle and Play foam here-
We really enjoyed the way the fantastic website worked and the ease of use definately one to try for anyone who needs to buy an unfamiliar little one a gift that is unique and fun!