Matchstick Monkey

Teething babies are what i like to call ‘the Devil Incarnate’ When you attempt to help the little devils by putting Bongela or Teething crystals onto their sore little gums- they do one of two things…. suck it all off your finger and move their heads so you cannot get near them or bite you! both of which are not pleasant experiences!!! Trust me!!!
When i was give the chance to review Matchstick Monkey i was curious to how good this product really was and to my delight it is Fantastic!!!!
The Monkey comes in 8 different colours ranging from neutrals to pinks and blues and all are very cute! The monkey itself is made from soft safe silicone and has toothbrush bristles on the back of its head to ensure even distribution of teething granules or gels. The Monkey’s arms are flexible and are shaped perfectly so baby can hold them with ease, the head of the monkey gets to the source of pain easily by its perfectly proportioned head and body for a little ones mouth and can be used on front and back gums. Matchstick Monkey also a really fun safe way to teach little ones to brush their teeth as it can also be used to apply toothpaste!

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When Maisie was given the monkey i originally tried it without anything on it and she loved the product even then!! she was able to put it on her sore gums and work it around her mouth while gnawing on it. i then applied some Bongela and she put it straight to her site of pain and it soothed them straight away! no biting or moving or Bongela everywhere it was perfect!! Maisie played with the monkey for ages worked the textures and bristles around her gums and maneuvered it through her fingers! a great little tool for anyone with a teething baby! you Can buy Matchstick Monkey at for £15.00. Definitely a great buy for any mummy! would highly recommend.