Slow Roasted Rib of Beef;

Slow Roasted Rib of Beef

Our first link party with Stacey Homemarker- Recipes!  I thought we would share my favourite Rib of Beef recipe that we like to enjoy for our family roast on a Sunday. To get the perfect rib of beef you need the following things: Meat thermometer probe Rib of beef Garlic infused olive oil Butter Time …

10 Reasons YouTube and kids Perplex mummies!!;

10 Reasons YouTube and kids Perplex mummies!!

 The world of YouTube- it’s great if you want to find a tutorial on something you can’t do or a Vlog of the latest Hoover, but kids love it… My daughter would watch it every waking minute (the iPad is prized out of her tiny little fingers to her disgust!)  Here’s my list of reasons …

Review-Epoch-Glacial Marine Mud Mask;

Review-Epoch-Glacial Marine Mud Mask

This week we had the opportunity to try the “Epoch- Glacial Marine Mud Mask” courtesy of Rachel Lewis at Nu Skin.  I have tested this products three times and every time I really am amazed by the results.  Before I did the mask I looked like this (with make up on- silly me forgot to …

Review: Forever Living;

Review: Forever Living

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to test a few Forever Living products Courtesy of Emma Chandler.  The lovely Emma came round and explained the benefits of the products and left a selection with me to try, so I wanted to review my two favourites; Aloe Propolis Creme and Aloe & Jojoba …

Slow hair growth.. Dry and damaged? A FIX!;

Slow hair growth.. Dry and damaged? A FIX!

Does this sound familiar?! My hair was 3/4 of the way down my back and I used hair dryers, curlers and straighteners like they were my best friends… The result when I touched my hair it literally snapped in my hand to the disgrace of a lot of my friends! I decided I needed the …

The Deodorant that works under 41′ heat!!;

The Deodorant that works under 41′ heat!!

Mitchum Cream Deodorant- I was lucky enough to be sent a new Mitchum Cream Deodorant from Bzzfeed to test. When I received the parcel and looked at the product, the pale green packaging was pleasant but maybe slightly dated,with a rounded oblong shape which meant the product fit perfectly in your hand. The writing on …

Tesco’s Finest Pasta Review;

Tesco’s Finest Pasta Review

So the good people at Orchard gave Erin and I the opportunity to try thier Tesco Finest Pasta Range. We went all out with this one! Got three different shapes a Gigli, Pennoni and Spaghetti!  The packaging that the pasta came in was modern and sleek, looked exciting and couldn’t wait to get it home!  …

Terrible Two’s;

Terrible Two’s

Today I found out a secret…. Everyone has the same issue. Every kid has a time where they are naughty….Some are short lived.. Some are longer. ALL mums go through this! When I thought that i was all alone in the world in a pool of tears.. It appears that everyone goes through it. After …

Toddlers and Food..;

Toddlers and Food..

Why is there always a constant battle at every meal time… Im bored of saying “sit still” “eat your dinner” “stop it” “don’t do that” it could all be over and done with if they spent less time squeezing chips until the potato comes out or throwing peas on the floor. Tonight has been no …

Peppa pig and the golden boots!;

Peppa pig and the golden boots!

Today we attended Cineworld Cinema in Wolverhampton to see Peppa Pig and The Golden Boots. Erin was extremely excited as soon as we got to the cinema and all became a reality!! She’s hopping around like a mad woman telling me which sweets she wanted and drink, we brought our goods which were £9,55 for …