Mindfun Tees

As Erin’s birthday came round I was looking at gifts to buy her and there was nothing original on the market. I wanted something personalised and was quirky and not just the same old stuff you can buy in shops.  That’s where Mindfun Tees came to the rescue!
We were asked if we would like to review one of Minfun’s amazing T shirts. The T shirts are made from cotton and come in all sizes from children to adult. They have a range of patterns on from My little pony to complex animal pattern’s  to colour in with the pens provided- bringing colouring to relax to whole other level.
The pens come in several different colours and are easy to use for both little fingers and adults and don’t stain fingers! (a big plus in our house!).  To enable the pen to stay on in the t-shirt in the wash all you need to do is to iron on the pattern- so even if you don’t complete the picture in the way you had hoped you can wash it off and start again!

I was really looking forward to colouring ours in together when Erin arrived into the kitchen with a fully completed t shirt!! Ha! She had done so well at colouring it in herself and was so proud of her picture that when I asked if she would colour the horse in she announced ‘mum it’s a unicorn and I don’t want to complete it as I will go out the lines!’ at least she’s honest!!! She really enjoyed colouring in the rainbow and loves wearing her T shirt. Not only is it really fun to do but you can keep the pens and use them on other projects too!
You can buy Mind fun Tees from- https;// and the prices range from £19.99-£23.99