Twinkl subsription

I am one of those parents that every nursery hates… pushy. I want the best for Erin as I was so lazy at school! I hate it when she is lazy with her homework and doesn’t complete it on time and I always make her do a bit more than they set in the first place… I know she is only just 4 but she has had homework from the age of two and I think it is a really good habit to get into. 
As she is going to school in September I was looking for more work to polish the basics that she has already been taught. In Nursery she has done her letters and numbers and has started trying to complete her handwriting. We found a fantastic solution in Twinkl was a great online community that would assist us in the challenge- I have been allowed full access to all of Twinkl’s online fact sheets, workbooks, colouring sheets and hints and tips for all ages from Nursery to secondary school and including helpful sections for parents.
Twinkl even included a range of decorations and invitations for parties and celebrations over your child’s life including christenings, baby showers and thank you cards. The EYFS system that Erin’s nursery always used confused me and there are detailed options about how the system works. It even gives you the current curriculum that your child should be following.
 I spent hours browsing all the different pages to look at the helpful hints and work books that were included. One of the things I loved was that if you child struggled with something in particular you can use the search box to look for that specific problem. Erin struggles with forming her letters in a smaller manner than giant writing! I was able to print of a full letter workbook of 78 pages that included 3 pages per letter – this made a fully comprehensive guide on each letter and has really helped Erin with her letters and writing.



The website is really easy to use and navigate, you are able to make your own packs if the site doesn’t include what you need- which would be highly unlikely. The site can keep you happily browsing all the amazing products for hours! There are several different subscription levels that you can purchase including; Gold £2.50 per week, Premium-£3.99 per week or Platinum-£5.84 per week.  Teaching assistants, Nursery Nurses, Teachers and parents all use the platforms so there is everything you can ever wish for at reasonable prices.  Twinkl can be found at