We have moved house!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know i have recently moved house. We sold our house in July and found our dream home- bigger garden, an office for Matt so his “work from home for the foreseeable” became more tolerable and an extra bedroom… just incase I convince Matt to have another baby! Ha!!

Our first home as a family of 4!

Now I’m not going to lie everyone said moving house was stressful and I found the whole process pretty laid back- I was determined to not upset the kids routine and instead pack very last minute but I was fairly chilled about that too.

A week and two days before our moving date it was confirmed… we were on… bingo… it was happening and I needed to start packing. Again I was pretty chilled and started to pack.

It grew closer and I knew I was rapidly running out of time. Things started to become hectic when we were told we had to vacate the property at 12pm

on the day.

The days went quickly and I was now “stress packing” no more time to sort through stuff just shove it in a box and be done with it!!

Packing hell!

We we’re supposed to exchange on the Friday before we moved on the Thursday and that didn’t happen- so then it was the Monday… then the tues… then the Wednesday. Now it’s getting tight we have movers coming Thursday. At 5pm on the Wednesday we have a call saying the buyers buyer doesn’t like the wording on the indemnity insurance and that we would have to exchange on the day.

Here’s me never owning a house before starting to panic. Panic got worse and by 8.30am on the Thursday the movers were loading the van. At 11.43 we have another email saying they are still messing about with insurance and I am starting to rise with panic. I have snapped at Matt more times than a crocodile and I should really have been kinder.

Finally, 3pm we get a call saying the money has moved we have exchanged and got the keys. By this time we have sat in the car/house for 3 hours!!!!

Queue rush moving into the new house!!!!

All in all it was so stressful and I genuinely thought we would have to sleep elsewhere which means one thing! When they ask you if you want key cover from the removals men say yes!!!! It saved us a small fortune!!

We are now super happy in our new home!

Our new house garden fun!