2 Year old Girl- Christmas Gift ideas #AD

As you may know I have two girls Erin who is 8 and Edith who is nearly two. I can buy Erin things all day long as she knows what she wants and she’s definitely “into things” whereas Edith is so hard to buy for! Hopefully this list will help you this Christmas.

Stabilo Crayons

Edith adores colouring and is learning her colours so what better to get her for Christmas than some crayons. The Woody 3 in 1 are large pencil crayons perfect for little hands to hold and “mark make” they come with a sharpener and are lovely to use. The Cappi felt tips are perfect for on the go. With a ring to hold all the caps of the crayons you can easily keep them all together in your bag for moments when you need a bit of solace whilst your out or even the ability to drink a hot cup of coffee!! You can buy the Stabilo crayons and a the rest of the range here.

Baby Kingdom-

A nice gift for mums and babies is toiletries. Baby kingdom is stunningly packaged and is really good quality as well as looking perfect in the bathroom. As an award winning product it gives mums a piece of luxury and also peace of mind. There’s an extensive range and all of the products are gentle on babies skin for treating eczema. Around 10% of babies in the UK are affected by eczema – along with one in five children at some stage in their life. Finding the right product to soothe skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and cradle cap is key to protecting and restoring delicate skin to optimal health.

Baby Kingdom’s has been specially formulated to be gentle enough to use on eczema prone, sensitive skin. It helps protect against dryness and irritation and soothes and repairs leaving baby’s skin velvety soft and hydrated. Results can be seen in just a few days and natural ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil and the antioxidant Vitamin E help nourish and moisturise baby’s delicate skin. You can purchase Baby Kingdom here.

Crazy Soap-

Are your kids crazy about the bath? Yes mine too but it’s only because of “fun stuff” in the bath! Well it couldn’t get anymore fun than crazy soap- crazy soap ensures kids have a great time whilst getting clean. The products include, glitter bath foam, colour changing bath foam and foaming soap which is a particular favourite of my 8 year old! She enjoys sitting and forming fun shapes out of the foam and it’s great because it gets her to wash too! And of course what do all little sisters do?! Copy their big sisters! So Edith is going to have these are her stocking fillers this year! Absolutely perfect for stockings as they aren’t too expensive and are so much for the kids! You can buy Crazy Soap here.


You can’t go wrong with a sweetie stocking filler can you? Edith loves any types of jelly sweets and these Haribo are perfect size for her as they come in little bags so great for a small treat! You can purchase Haribo from most supermarkets and the range is expansive so there will be loads to choose from! Check out the full range here.

Yoto Player-

This is my favourite gift in this guide- less screen time for kids but need to keep them entertained well the Yoto player is for you. The Yoto player is a speaker with an inbuilt nightlight and screen which uses cards to play you’re little ones favourite stories. There’s a world of popular stories alongside things like meditation and also several audios you can listen to for free.

The Yoto player is set by parental controls so you have full control but the little ones can use the buttons to play, skip chapters and stop the Yoto Player. They can also press twice to access Yoto Radio! Your little ones will feel so grown up with their own speaker system and even better it gets them away from the dreaded screens that they seem to become so obsessed with.

Other great features are that you can change the colour of the night light, personalise cards from home recordings so if granny wants to read a story you can have it recorded. You can also set bedtime and wake ups so kids learn routines too.

The girls are going to love it and will be a sharing present for them both. You can buy yours from here.

Elf for Christmas

Toddlers… terrible twos… need I say more?! Reward charts are a must in our house so when they are combined with “Santa” it will certainly ensure Edith is doing her best to keep a lid on her meltdowns. The Elf is perfect to promote good behaviour with a reward chart, Elf, nice list certificates, report cards, elf stickers, letters to Santa, thank you cards and more! There’s so many elves to choose from and different sets to ensure you have the item that is perfect for you and your family.

Your little ones will be mesmerising with one of Santa’s elves coming to your house this year to keep an eye on them! You can buy Elf for Christmas here.

Cocomelon Musical School Bus-

Watch your child go ‘round and ‘round through the town with the CoComelon Yellow School Bus! This brightly colored bus comes with a figure of J.J., a popular character from the educational CoComelon YouTube series! The school bus has room for 6 of your favourite CoComelon friends! Press on the front of the bus and listen as “Wheels on the Bus” plays for you and your child to sing along to! The free- wheeling motion puts your child in control of this fun and detailed vehicle! Bring their favourite CoComelon nursery rhymes to life with the CoComelon Yellow School Bus !

Paddington Paw

Paddington Paw Pad (£12.99rrp, 3+) – Explore Paddington’s world on this fun paw-shaped pad! Let’s learn with Paddington! 3 fun interactive games in this paw shaped pad help learning and development of number and shape recognition, basic problem solving, letter and picture recognition. This is perfect for little hands who want to copy mummy or daddy on the Ipad but at the same time can learn numbers shapes and problem solving. This is also a great gift for on the go when little ones need some entertainment out and about. You can buy yours here.

Peppa Pig growing pot-

Grow & Play with Peppa Pig, George and their friends Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit! Sow the seeds provided and learn how to look after your plants and watch them grow. Peppa Pots are designed to encourage children to plant ‘easy-to-grow’ seeds and nurture their plants while having fun playing with Peppa Pig characters. All the Peppa Pots attach to each other by clipping the fence from one set to the house of another to make a Peppa Pig street! We love anything green fingered and we love that you can learn about the garden and seeds in such a playful way. To get yours click here.

Reindeer feeding Set-

What is The Reindeer Feeder? After centuries of doing their work, ‘The Reindeer Feeders’ are letting humans know who they are. They have probably been in your home for years, quietly working away. This special breed of creatures known in the North Pole as ‘Shrumann’ (shrunken humans) have the important job of overseeing all the Christmas preparations in your home and then on Christmas Eve, humans will place the carrots for the reindeer into the feeding sack ready for your Reindeer Feeder to pop up the chimney when Santa arrives. The storybook tells readers the heartwarming story of how one Shrumann learned all about his very important job. Make sure to put your official sticker in your window so Santa knows on Christmas Eve there is help on hand. We love this idea and the girls love anything Santa related so this year we are going to be part of Santa’s team! You can be too click here.